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PeoplesMan PeoplesAccount PeoplesAsset FOMS SBank POMS


PeoplesMan assist organisation to better manage its most vital resource, which is the strong pillar behind any successful organisation - Human Capital. It employs leading edge Information Technology tools including graphical and user-friendly interfaces, multiple protocol networking support, a relational database management system, pop-up windows, context sensitive help and on-line data entry and retrieval.

PeoplesMan is menu driven, user friendly, very flexible, highly secured, and has standard online help text for every item. With user-defined usernames and password the Database Administrator can effectively control access to the package, with security checks done at every level - module, form and item level. The package has leading industrial security technologies that conform to international standard. The package has audit trail facilities to provide printed reports on all changes made to the stored data.

With PeoplesMan, the personnel department can deliver value by hiring employees with the right skills, identifying the development needs and provide training that will enable employee skills remain in line with the organisation\'s objectives. PeoplesMan has a lot of functionality that can be customised to allow any organisation implement unique human resources policies.

There is also provision to implement various legislation on employment such as; tax and other statutory deductions, data protection, union rules like co-operative and dozens of other legislation. PeoplesMan support policies that differ from one organisation to other, because organisation policies can be set up and modified without problem.

PeoplesMan\'s Human Resources Management System take into consideration the organisation specific requirement and as such, it was designed to reflects local, state/region and international requirements of any country and it can handle critical operation across many countries.

PeoplesMan can easily be customised to:
  • Achieve easy data structure that will meet any organisation requirements
  • Achieve multi-currency transaction where international staff are involved
  • Support local rules and regulation
  • Handle critical operations
  • Consolidate human resource information
  • Offer better return on investment through rapid implementation
  • Support third party development tools and products
  • Evaluate performance against competency and company activities
  • Manage the development of tomorrow\'s managers


Timely sharing of management information
With this system in place, all key Finance personnel shall have whatever information they require at their fingertips. Questions on staff requirements, location of infrastructures, and capacity planning can be quickly and directly answered by interrogating the corporate database.

Improved Fiscal Accounting
The General Accounting System will assist Your organisation in maintaining the required probity and prudence in management of its fiscal affairs. The computerisation of financial records ensures that fiscal accounting is transparently rendered and leaves no room for misappropriation of funds.

Security Risks Monitoring
The Security Module is used to log and monitor all areas of potential hazard. This module of the software will assist in ensuring that all reports logged are verified, and directed to the appropriate recipient. The computerisation of such information enhances the distribution flow to areas where such timely information is required.

Complementary Support Services
Lack of adequate and up-to-date statistics is a well-known problem in Nigeria. The maintenance of comprehensive account management software can be used to monitor source of fund, monitor project and provide up to date information on various payment due, reconcile various bank account within seconds.

Enhanced Productivity
The Financial System shall ensure that all employees have the right tools for the right job. This translates to better management of functions and an appreciative increase in overall employee productivity. Each software developed using Oracle Database supports unlimited reports and natively supports workflow functionality.


PeoplesAsset was designed to provide real-time information for facilities maintenance, plant maintenance, special functionality for vehicles, with various reports and enquiry on equipment status, maintenance expenditure on daily, weekly, monthly, biannually, year-to-date, and life-to-date basis. What is more, because this product is completely built on a flexible platform it can be customised to meet our client demand within a few days.

PeoplesAsset (Asset and Material Management System) keep track of asset requisition, purchase, distribution, maintenance, depreciation and disposal at the final stage. With PeoplesAsset, user can provide various information at a glance through various enquiry and reporting facilities


FOMS is Flights Operation Management System. It was designed to assist airlines to manage their flight operations. FOMS was built around a very powerful RDBMS called ORACLE. ORACLE is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). Because FOMS was developed using Oracle tools, it automatically inherits all the traits of Oracle architecture. As a result of this, FOMS is therefore a very portable, easy to use, and can run perfectly well in a multi - operating system, single user or network environment.

FOMS will assist the airlines to generate correct and accurate operational reports, which is capable of showing the position of airlines flights operation at any point in time. More so, it is web-enabled which gives users the opportunity to access the system via their Local Area Network or the Internet. FOMS employs leading edge Information Technology tools including graphical and user-friendly interfaces, multiple protocol networking support, a relational database management system, pop-up windows, on-line data entry and retrieval. The package is robust, menu driven, user friendly, very flexible, highly secured.

When using FOMS, the operations department can deliver value by capturing source document (e.g. pilot hours, client) to generating correct and accurate operation report. FOMS has a lot of functionality that can be customised to allow any organisation implement unique operation management policies.

FOMS Benefits This package offers the following advantages to the users:

  • It is Highly Secured. No unauthorised usage.
  • It makes Techlog Entries to be easier and faster as it processes it data instantly.
  • It keeps tracks of error entry as it validates each item before processing.
  • Accommodate passengers breakdown, Crew details and Interline Client for a Particular Flight.
  • Allows user to make amendment when user Key in wrong data
  • Helps to identify Operational function of Aircraft, Pilot, Crew and the level Patronage of Clients.
  • It Goes Further to Monitoring Pilot and Cabin Crew Duty Hours, to ensure effective workforce
  • Freight Input is another important operation which the system take care.
  • Reporting aspect of FOMS Provides for wide range user requirement depending on the parameters specified.
  • Provides timely, qualitative and accurate management information.
  • Reduces or eliminate manual processing, and permit quicker revision of operations.
  • Maintains records of appraisal and evaluation.
  • Database administration is another advantage of FOMS. (Data backup with ease.)



Today Banking, as a business, has grown tremendously and transformed itself from only a deposits taking and loan providing system to an institution which provides an entire gamut of products and services under a wide umbrella. All such activities commenced by a bank is called Core Banking.

Sbank is a Core banking which is a centralized system that allows its customers to conduct their business irrespective of the bank’s branch. It supports Online Real-time banking financial transactions and the bank’s branches can access applications from centralized data centers. Sbank also address the requirements of corporate clients and provide for a comprehensive banking solution. Sbank as a Core banking solutions offer the following advantages to the bank:

  • Improved operations which address customer demands and industry consolidation.
  • Errors due to multiple entries eradicated
  • Easy ability to introduce new financial products and manage changes in existing products.
  • Seamless merging of back office data and self-service operations.
Minimum features of Core Banking Solution:
  • Customer-On Boarding.
  • Managing deposits and withdrawals.
  • Transactions management
  • Interest. Calculation and management.
  • Payments processing (cash, cheques /checks, mandates, National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) etc.).
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) activities.
  • Designing new banking products.
  • Loans disbursal and management.
  • Accounts management
  • Establishing criteria for minimum balances, interest rates, number of withdrawals allowed and so on.
  • Transaction Alerts – sms and email
  • ATM transactions
  • Fund transfer through NIBSS Instant Payment (NIP)


Purchase Order Management System - POMS

Creating and managing vendors, purchase orders, receipts and all other relevant transactions is one of the simplest, yet comprehensive aspects of any organisation. Attempting to manually perform your purchase order management process is possible. However, it has a number of downsides that can be easily fixed by investing in robust procurement software.

POMS is a world-class purchase order management system that can make a real difference to your procurement activities. The system streamlines and automates the key processes hence; your team can spend less time on the administrative burden of purchase order management and more time on value-adding tasks. The system’s built-in processes can be perfectly tailored to your organization’s existing procedures, improving both speed and accuracy.

Core functionalities of POMS
While there are a number of purchase order management systems on the market, functionalities inevitably vary between them. Here are the most valuable key features in POMS:
  1. Purchase Requisitions
  2. Purchase Orders
  3. Invoice Management
  4. Vendor Management and Contract Approval

Contact Sonet today to order your free demo to see how our purchase order management system (POMS) can automate your processes and help your organization succeed.

Programming Languages

  • Various PL/SQL Version and Oracle Integration tools
  • Microsoft Visual C++, J++, Visual Basic and Visual Basic .net
  • SQL*Forms, SQL*Menu & SQL*ReportWriter conversion
  • XML
  • JAVA

Applications Platform

  • Oracle v12c, Oracle 12.1c and Oracle12.1c, Oracle12c and Oracle 12c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 15
  • SCO Unix System V, Sun Solaris, Open DeskTop, and OpenServer
  • Red Hat Linux and Electronic (e-mail) mail services
  • Novell Netware and Microsoft Windows, Windows NT and NTAS