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Sonet Education Our Training Timetable Organized Training

Sonet Education

With lots of experience and expertise in various Information Technology training\'s, Sonet Technology Limited provide computer education to various users, ranging from a novice in computer operation to Information Technology experts in the industry. We use dedicated facilities and relevant tools in various aspects of Information Technology and management to ensure that our customers/clients enjoy their Information Technology investments.

The partners of Sonet Technology Ltd have conducted different types of trainings ranging from computer appreciation to sophisticated technical training as well as user training that has been very beneficial to several Information Technology professionals and non-professionals alike, and this has positioned us as one of the leading information technology training centres and education providers.

In the field of Information Technology training, our objective is to maintain a leadership position by providing corporate and end-user training using the best technology available around the world at minimum cost to our clients/customers.

Sonet Technology Ltd partners are also deeply involved in the use of other third party tools. This enables us to intimate various users of Information Technology with the latest technology and products currently available within the shortest possible time. Already, the partners of Sonet Technology have been deeply involved in the training of people from various establishments such as banks, education sector, transport and communications, federal and state governments and their parastatals, corporate and private establishments.

Sonet Technology partners are actively involved in research and development and as such all our training materials are prepared to meet our customers/clients training requirements in line with current innovations in the computer market.

Sonet Technology Ltd can provide training programmes at any location for our clients/customers, as well as at our site. The main objective of all our training programmes which are customised to meet our clients/customers needs is to provide maximum knowledge and satisfaction that would guarantee effective performance by all participants.

Sonet Technology Limited partners are actively involved in the following training programmes:
  • Oracle Application Development
  • Oracle Database Administration
  • Microsoft Programming Tools (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual FoxPro)
  • Microsoft Office (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook)
  • Fundamentals and Administration of SCO Unix operating system
  • Computer Appreciation and Windows 95, 98, XP and 2000
  • Basic Networking and Administration
  • Windows NT Work station and Windows NT Server
  • C Programming, Borland C++, Java Programming etc.

Our Training Timetable

Below is a detail view of our training time table for the year 2019 - 2030. Just click on any course title to make your enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Oracle Database 10g: Performance Tuning21-2523-2713-1718-2212-1621-25
Oracle Database 10g: Introduction To SQL/PL SQL10-147-11,281-44-82-6,301-44-81-55-93-7,311-4,28
Oracle Database 10g: Administration II311-4,21-2518-2213-1715-1917-2114-18
Oracle Database 10g: Administration I24-2814-1811-156-108-1210-147-11
Oracle Database 10g: Backup and Recovery21-2525-2920-2425-2919-237-11
Oracle Forms Builder I17-217-112-611-158-1210-147-11
Oracle Forms Builder II24-2814-189-1318-2215-1917-2114-18
Oracle Reports Builder311-421-2516-2025-2922-2624-2821-25
Microsoft Word10-147-111-44-82-61-44-81-55-93-71-4
Microsoft Excel17-2114-187-1111-159-136-1011-158-1212-1610-147-11

Organized Training

  • Individual Training
  • Staff Training
  • School Training
  • Oganization-in-house Training
  • Personalised Training
Our vast outstanding pratical experince in the field means that you will be getting your deserved value for your money. If you are interested in any of this training you can meet us here