Sonet Technology Ltd | Clients
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Sonet In Banking & Insurance

Resort Group Plc
PeoplesAccounts, PeoplesMan,LAN of Lekki Branch
Globe Re-Insurance Plc.
Oracle Developer 2000 training
First Bank of Nigeria Plc
Direct Debit Mgt System,Oracle Developer 2000 training
Safetrust Mortgage Bank Ltd
SafeBank, PeoplesAsset, Payroll
Central Bank of Nigeria
Query Builder Mgt System

Sonet In Aviation & Health

Nigeria Aviation Handling Company Limited
The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria
Nonsuch Medicare Ltd
Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria
PeoplesMan, PeoplesAccount, PeoplesAsset, POMS, FOMS

Sonet In Agriculture & Manufacturing

Michelin Nigeria Plc
Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 training
Animal Care Konsult Limited
Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 training

Sonet In Government

Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company Plc.
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Oracle Developer 2000 training
Imo State Government House
NNPC Pension Fund Ltd
Oracle Internet Developer Suite
Raw Materials Research and Development Council
Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 training
Oracle Designer/Developer 2000 training